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All tax included in price this month!

Our price includes delivery, construction at your site, and all applicable taxes.

  • All pricing includes a 43″ wide wood shed door, delivery, and installation on your site in the greater Southern California area.
  • Prices do not include optional features.
  • Permits are the responsibility of the customer.
  • All sizes are nominal.
  • Standard sizes are shown, custom sizes are available.  Please contact us for pricing information on custom sized sheds.
  • Pricing and information contained on this site subject to change without notice. Additional charges may apply due to distance, site access, and/or difficulty of site. We reserve the right to refuse service to certain areas or sites.

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A great country look. This model is very popular with horse ranches, large properties, and those who just like the western look. It has a extra high center which is perfect for storing taller items. Height dimensions vary depending on size so please ask our sales associates for specific measurements; however, all our sheds have a minimum 7′ of headroom unless otherwise noted. The door height is 6′ 4″ and can be made higher if needed. With a modified floor system it can even support the weight of a car or truck.

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