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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the base price?

All of our sheds include delivery to your location and construction at your site.  Additionally, each shed includes all materials to complete the building including exterior siding, composition shingle roofing, and a single 43” wide door.  Many optional items are also available including windows, specialty doors, double doors, vents, skylights, additional siding and roofing color options, etc.  See the Shed Options section for a complete listing.

How long does delivery take?

Almost all of our sheds are built on your site in one day or less.  On rare occasions with large or highly customized sheds, it might take slightly longer.  Please contact us for current installation lead times.

What kind of access to my property is needed?

Our sheds are completely built on your site.  There are no large pre-assembled sections to move onto the site, therefore we can get everything in through a small side gate if needed.

What kind of site preparation is required?

Preparation of the site is the customer’s responsibility.  The site needs to be relatively level (within 3-6 inches from low to high spot under the shed) and clear of obstructions.  Ideally we would like 18” clear around all sides and above, although if necessary, in some situations we are able to build closer to other buildings, walls, etc.

Does someone come to my locations to look at the site prior to construction?

In most cases, no.  We cover a large area in Southern California and are unable to send someone to every site ahead of time.  We rely on the customer to make sure the shed will fit on the site and that the site is reasonably level and has sufficient clearance.

Is a concrete foundation required?

No. Every Quality Shed comes standard with a wood floor system designed to sit right on the ground.  The components that actually contact the ground are treated against decay and insect infestation and have a lifetime guarantee.  If you desire a concrete foundation, we can provide one at additional cost or work with a foundation that you supply.

Can the shed be moved after construction?

Yes!  Unlike the competition, our sheds are completely portable and can be moved around your property easily by dragging them with a vehicle.  The shed may also be easily loaded on a flat bed truck and relocated to a different site.

Do you build custom sheds?

Yes.  Although we have standard styles available, we are willing to customize a little or sometimes a lot.  In some cases this might lead to additional costs.  Each case is different, but we do try to accommodate our customer’s desires as much as possible.

What is the warranty on your sheds?

We offer a ten year limited warranty on all materials and workmanship on our sheds.  In addition, some materials come with manufacturer’s warranties that exceed our own.

Do I need to visit your location to place an order?

No.  Many of our sheds are ordered via our website without the customer actually physically visiting our location.

How do I pay for my shed?

We accept cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  We require a 10% deposit upon placing your order, with the full remaining balance due the day of the build.

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