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Why Us?

Why are our Quality Sheds better than the competition?

  1. Our Sheds are built 100% from start to finish at each customer’s site. We do NOT charge extra to build on site. Every customer is unique and every customer’s property is unique; therefore, our Quality Sheds are individually custom built on our customer’s sites. Some shed companies pre-build most of the shed in a factory and later assemble those large pieces together at the customer’s site.  We do not believe this is the way to get a great looking shed that will continue to look great for years to come. We do NOT pre-build shed pieces in a factory, load them on a truck, and then piece them together at our customer’s property. No cookie-cutter sheds here.
  2. Most homes are built with roof eaves and fascia boards on all sides. That is one reason why we build our sheds with roof eaves and with 2″ X 4″ or 2″ X 6″ fascia boards on all sides.  Not only does this feature add design style to our Quality Sheds, it also helps to keep excess rain from running down the sides of the shed and helps prevent leakage. Compare our roof design to the competition and you’ll certainly see the difference.
  3. Door hardware. We use heavy duty 8″ hinges with 4″ X 5/16″ lag screws on our standard wood shed doors. This heavy duty hardware holds the door in place, not just now, but for years to come.  We also offer a variety or custom pre-hung doors and hardware to meet your special design needs.
  4. The floor. Our shed floors are the strongest on the  market!  They also make our sheds completely portable, unlike the metal framed floors of some of our competitors.  The portion of the floor framing that contacts the ground is specially treated to resist insects and decay from moisture and is guaranteed for the life of your shed!  Our floor support joists are spaced at 12″ on center instead of the normal 24″ on center of others.  This means your floor will be solid underfoot and support more weight with less deflection.  We finish off our floor system with two layers of 7/16″ osb surface sheating for a total thickness of 7/8″!  Heavier sheathing for special needs is also available.  Our floors can even be designed to carry the weight of a car or truck!
  5. The roof. Our roofs are framed with solid douglas fir rafters, minimum size 2 x 6 and up to 2 x 12 in some larger models.  This means that your shed will have a solid roof with no sagging now or later.  Our unique roof framing design also allows more  usable space inside your shed with no cross-tie support members in the way of storage.  Compare our design to that of our competitors and you will see the difference in strength and design.
We invite our customers to look closely at our building designs.  When compared to other sheds on the market, we think you will like what you see and choose a Quality Shed!

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