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Custom buildings and sheds built on-site!

There is one constant at Quality Sheds: No prefabrication!

Every building we construct, from the smallest shed to the largest garage, is stick-built on your site.  What this means to you is better fit, better ability to adjust to on site conditions, ability to build in tight locations, and ability to customize on site to better give you the finished product you desire.

Because you see everything built in front of  you, nothing is hidden or covered up.  Because it is built piece-by-piece rather than wall-by-wall, structural connections at corners and seams can be done properly and “to code.”

Because walls are built in place to existing conditions rather than built elsewhere in a factory and trucked in, there is no need to “cut and hack” to make to make it fit.  Also, there is no damage to your property trying to get oversized wall panels through your side gate and yard or over your fence to the shed site.

Most people prefer a stick-built home over a prefabricated one and the same principle should apply to your shed or garage.  There is a reason!

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